05 February 2013 @ 01:09 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] theyellow_daisy
Title: The Group Text
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Merthur
Character/s: Arthur/Merlin
Summary:: Merlin shares a picture that was never meant to be shared
Warnings: Mild smut
Word Count: 1130
Prompt: #43 Photgraphs
Author's Notes: Nothing to say other then I hope you enjoy! <3

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22 September 2012 @ 07:18 am
Author: [livejournal.com profile] theyellow_daisy
Title: Edit
Rating: PG
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin 
Summary: Something that Merlin has been wanting to do finally happens
Warnings: None really
Word Count: 508
Prompt: #25 Facebook
A/N: Nothing to say, besides that I really like this one, so I hope you do too! Happy reading <33

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09 September 2012 @ 08:30 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] theyellow_daisy
Title: Stop and Smell the Roses
Rating: G
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Merlin offers some advice
Prompt: #23 Red
A/N: I am not an artist. Please forgive me. I liked the prompt a lot and didn't want to sit out another week. I'm sorry proper artists of Merlin fandom. I do hope you enjoy the drabble though. Let me know what you think. Most importantly, HAPPY READING <3

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27 August 2012 @ 10:41 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] theyellow_daisy
Title: The Promise at Hand
Rating: G
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Characters: Merlin, Arthur
Warnings: None
Word Count: 460
Prompt: #21 promise
A/N : My second of two drabbles for this prompt. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think. Happy reading <3

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26 August 2012 @ 12:15 am
Author: [livejournal.com profile] theyellow_daisy
Title: The Secrets That You Keep
Rating: G
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Summary: It's hard to learn to keep secrets
Word Count: 774
Prompt: 21 Promise
Author's Notes: One of two drabbles that I have to share for this prompt. I want to share with you some toddler!merthur, a "style" of writing that I write pretty regularly in another fandom of mine. This is the first time sharing this idea outside of my own personal journal, so I hope you like it. Ready to take it back a few years with me? Hope that's alright! Happy reading <3

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12 August 2012 @ 11:59 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] theyellow_daisy
Rating: G
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Characters: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: Arthur's annoyed, Merlin's sneaky
Word Count: 894
Prompt: number 19 Eavesdropping
A/N: Hello there! Newbie and first time posting any Merlin writing outside my personal journal. Not new to writing fanfiction, but wanted to try my hand at writing something that's pretty much taken over my fandom!life. Many thanks to my guide to all things Merlin, [livejournal.com profile] millionstar for taking a peek at this. To anyone who happens to be reading this, HAPPY READING <3

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