08 May 2013 @ 01:00 pm
Prompt #56: Master List

Another successful prompt! We are so happy and excited. Please check these wonderful drabbles that were created for this week’s prompt. And don’t forget to leave them your love, they all deserve it!

Drabbles can now be posted anywhere you want. Also, our A03 mod is now accepting submissions to our AO3 subcollection for this prompt. If you have any questions about submitting, please let [livejournal.com profile] fuckyeah know.

Masterlist for Prompt #56: Reunion )
07 May 2013 @ 10:25 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] jelazakazone
Title: Homecoming
Character/s: Elyan, Gwen, Merlin
Summary: Elyan returns home.
Word Count: ~400
Prompt: #56: Reunion
Author's Notes: Part 4 of the Rules of the Game Series. Unbeta’d.
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07 May 2013 @ 09:40 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] issy5209
Title: A Second Chance
Rating: Gen
Character/s: Merlin, Morgana, Aithusa
Summary: Merlin comes across Morgana in the present day, but how much does she remember of her past.
Warnings: Reincarnation/Immortality
Word Count:2262 (I am SO sorry, this got way out of hand)
Prompt: Reunion
Author's Notes: I do believe that if Merlin had known that Morgana and Aithusa were being held captive, he would have done something about it.  I also think he probably has a lot of regrets concerning Morgana.
Also for those that don't know, Captain Jack is a very flirtatious Tri-sexual character in Torchwood!
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06 May 2013 @ 10:20 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] destiny_chicken
Title: Broken Bonds
Rating: PG13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Uther
Summary: Morgana is determined to repair the broken bonds between father and son.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 965
Prompt: #56 Reunion
Author's Notes: Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] inspired_being for improving the ending significantly.  I've added onto the 'verse from 'Once In A Blue Moon' from last week's prompt. However,  I struggled this week with too much to say, so I ended up posting a filler piece on AO3 here, called the 'The Harpy.'  It fits in between last week's drabble 'Once In A Blue Moon'  (on AO3 here) and this week's work 'Broken Bronds' posted here.

Broken Bonds )
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06 May 2013 @ 09:26 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] aeris444
Character/s:Arthur, Merlin
Summary: He smelled like honey cake and polish. And Arthur still remembers perfectly that delicious scent.
Warnings: None
Word Count:1006
Prompt: 56. Reunion
Author's Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] derenai for the beta. And this is probably going to be the first part of a longer serie!

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06 May 2013 @ 08:57 pm
Author: Loopstagirl
Title: High School Reunion
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Lancelot
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Lancelot
Warnings: Smut
Summary: He had heard of these high school reunions being marriage destroyers. He had never thought it would happen to him.
Word Count: 1000
Prompt: Reunion
Author's Notes: Psh, had another successful day, wanted to make up for not doing any last week.

... )
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05 May 2013 @ 12:53 pm
Author: Loopstagirl
Title: Reunited
Rating: PG
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Warnings: None
Summary: Why had his magic brought him back to the lake now, after all of these years?
Word Count: 1000
Prompt: Reunion
Author's Notes: Successful morning = break = drabble! Yay! Ooh, I could just write one each time I stop, that could be fun...

... )
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04 May 2013 @ 10:35 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sidhe_faerie
Title: The Bridal Party
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Arthur/Gwen. Merlin/Morgana, Leon/Mithian
Character/s: Gwaine
Summary: The proper Ladies Tea ends a little unexpectedly/
Warnings: Nope
Word Count: 897
Prompt: 56 Reunion
Author's Notes: There is a reference to “Location Is Everything” (prompt 27: tattoos)
The earlier prompts for King Of Britain (Modern AU Series 2) are on AO3

xxThe Bridal Party )
04 May 2013 @ 06:14 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] bunnysworld
Title: Saucery
Rating: G
Pairing(s): none, I guess…or maybe pasta/sauce?
Warnings: utter silliness ahead
Word Count: 262
Prompt: Reunion
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] k_nightfox for the quick beta
Summary Saucery was banned from Camelot
Notes: I seem to keep forgetting to put the usual disclaimers here every time. Don’t own them, not making profit, it’s just for the fun of it, yada yada.

And this little piece was brought to you by a very silly conversation over in the paperlegends chat room. Even though I’ll so go to hell for this one, I totally blame the girls from the chat!

”Saucery” )
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03 May 2013 @ 10:46 am
Sign-Ups for prompt #56 are now closed!!!

Good Morning!!

So sorry is late I messed up the time.

Today's prompt is Reunion.

The Rules:

1.] All drabbles/drawbles must follow the prompt.

2.] All pairings, rating, or genre, are allowed. Everything will be accepted, as long as it contains the prompt in some form.

3.] All drabbles/drawbles must be posted by Tuesday, May 7th by 8 PM Eastern/Standard Time. This allows you four days to complete your drabble or drawble.

To sign up just comment on this post. Sign-ups will end tomorrow Saturday May 4th at 10 AM Eastern/Standard Time. Names will be added to the list throughout the day.

REMEMBER: You must sign up to be able to submit! There's also no limit to how many drabbles/drawbles you can post.

Enjoy, and get creative!


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