24 July 2015 @ 01:51 am
Prompt #169: Master List

Another successful prompt! We are so happy and excited. Please check these wonderful drawbles (if no drawble, please delete this) and drabbles that were created for this week’s prompt. And don’t forget to leave them your love, they all deserve it!

Drabbles can now be posted anywhere you want. Also, our A03 mod is now accepting submissions to our AO3 subcollection for this prompt. If you have any questions about submitting, please let [livejournal.com profile] digthewriter know.

Masterlist for Prompt #169: I'm Here )
21 July 2015 @ 04:06 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ajsrandom
Title: Something Beautiful
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Merlin/Morgana
Character/s: Merlin, Morgana
Summary: Morgana contemplates her relationship w/Merlin while he searches her room for the goblin (pretend 2.12 didn't happen)
Warnings: none
Word Count: 608
Prompt: #169, I'm Here
Author's Notes: inspired by a scene from "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"

Something Beautiful )
21 July 2015 @ 03:14 am
Author: [livejournal.com profile] 5leggedcricket
Title: Ready or not, here I come!
Rating: G
Pairing/s: None
Character/s: Merlin, Will
Summary: Merlin and Will play hide-and-seek.
Warnings: Minor character death
Word Count: 1005 words
Prompt: #169 I'm here
Author's Notes: Beta'd by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] thehatmeister. Written for the 'kidfic' square and the 'injury and illness' square for Merlin Tropes Bingo.

Ready or not, here I come! )
20 July 2015 @ 10:07 pm
Author: Azile_Teacup [livejournal.com profile] azile_teacup
Title: Laundry
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: Merlin's doing the laundry when he hears something
Warnings: none
Word Count: 605
Prompt: I'm here
Author's Notes: none

Laundry )
20 July 2015 @ 05:26 pm
Author: Loopstagirl
Title: By Your Side
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Lancelot
Summary: Arthur didn't know what he had to do to help Merlin.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1000
Prompt: I'm Here
Author's Notes: A follow on from Haze and Vision (although they were written ages ago!)

... )
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20 July 2015 @ 03:23 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sidhe_faerie
Title: Mission Accomplished
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Morgana
Character/s: Gaius, Nimueh
Summary: Merlin had saved the day. Sort of.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 946
Prompt: 169 I’m Here
Author's Notes: Agent Emrys #12 Last Entry for this one.

Mission Accomplished )
19 July 2015 @ 09:14 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] preciousarthur
Title: Your Luck Runs Out
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Summary: Merlin's haunted by the image of Arthur lying cold and dead, and by the years he's spent walking the earth alone.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 857
Prompt: #169: I'm here
Author's Notes: The title has been taken from Metallica's All Nightmare Long.
Your Luck Runs Out )
19 July 2015 @ 08:20 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] digthewriter
Title: Chances are...
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Merlin is relaxing in his hotel in Toronto
Warnings: AU
Word Count: ~300
Prompt: "I'm here" for [livejournal.com profile] camelot_drabble
Author's Notes: This is a continuation of (PART ONE) A LAST CHANCE, and (PART TWO) Not Leaving It To Chance - Unbetaed. Also written for "hurt/comfort" prompt for [livejournal.com profile] merlin_writers TROPES BINGO

Chances are... )
19 July 2015 @ 05:59 pm
Author: [livejournal.com profile] bunnysworld
Title: 1692
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Arthur gets terrible news and thinks Merlin's lost forever
Warnings: none
Word Count: 195
Prompt: I'm here
Author's Notes: Due to internet problems on my side *shakes fist at Telekom* not betaed. Also matches my merlin_writers tropes bingo card square: Presumed dead.
Anyone who has seen season 2 of Black Sails might think this sounds familiar. I just finished watching the season, so....

1692 )
18 July 2015 @ 11:47 pm
Author: clea2011
Title: Here
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Morgana
Summary: It was the same question in his head, over and over.  Who is Emrys?  But Arthur would never betray Merlin.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1032
Author's Notes: Written for camelot_drabble prompt 169 - 'I'm here', and also fills the 'telepathy/Mind share' square of my merlin_writers trope bingo (that's 11/25 done) and the 'telepathic trauma' square of my hc_bingo round 6 card (that's 2/25 done) and the 'torture/interrogation' square of my [community profile] trope_bingo round 5 card (that's 2/25 done).

Disclaimer:Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made. Don't send us to the dungeons.

Here )

18 July 2015 @ 09:22 am
Author: [livejournal.com profile] brunettepet
Title: The Email Order Bridegroom, Chapter 5
Rating: Really soft R for nudity, nothing graphic.
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Surprise Guest
Summary: Arthur has a plan to stay in the United States. That plan is Merlin.
Warnings: Nudity
Word Count: 1234 (I'm really sorry. Again)
Prompt: 169, I'm here
Author's Notes: This is a continuation of The Email Order Bridegroom and [livejournal.com profile] merlocked18 , I already had this chapter half written before you suggested mud wrestling. It was an inspiration!

Much to Arthur’s surprise, his father took the announcement of his wedding and the need for a few personal days much better than expected, so a few mornings later found them at a local garden center. Read more... )
17 July 2015 @ 10:00 am
Sign-Ups for prompt #169 are now closed!!!

Good Morning!!

Today's prompt is I'm Here.

The Rules:

1.] All drabbles/drawbles must follow the prompt.

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3.] All drabbles/drawbles must be posted by Tuesday, July 21 by 8 PM Eastern/Standard Time. This allows you four days to complete your drabble or drawble.

4.] When posting your drabbles/drawbles please use the correct posting format, which can be found here.

To sign up just comment on this post. Sign-ups will end tomorrow Saturday July 18 at 10 AM Eastern/Standard Time. Names will be added to the list throughout the day.

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